Road map

  • Backend administration system
    The How-R-you app needs a backend system from which the app's functionality can be administered. Setting up patients and accessing their data will be part of this administration system.
  • Individualisation
    Provide individual questions based on patient's individual needs.
  • Organisation
    The sign-up system must allow patients to be associated with hospitals and clinics, which defines each patients default setup of the How-R-you mobile app.
  • Notifications
    The How-R-you app should notify patients to remember to answer their questionnaires.
  • Pain image
    The app should show body parts where patients can identify positions of pain.
  • Integration with patient records
    The How-R-you apps backend database exchanges patient records with other databases.
  • More graph above each other
    Ability to place inspect correlation between different parameters by placing graph above each other.